CMS Drupal 7


MakeUp is a new module I published on D.O. :


  • MakeUp Box
  • MakeUp CSS
  • MakeUp JS
  • MakeUp Line
  • MakeUp Title
  • MakeUp Image


ImageField CSS module ( is now merge into MakeUp as MakeUp Image.

But MakeUp is more than that. You will also find:

  • MakeUp CSS: A field type that allows you to enter CSS code.
  • MakeUp JS: A field type that allows you to enter… JS code.
  • MakeUp Line: Provide a way to manage complex Magazine layout without Panels, nor Display Suite. Fully based on view modes and designed for Bootstrap-based themes.
  • MakeUp Title: Gives a little help to move the Title field in the View Mode tab.
  • MakeUp Box: It is the API level module that shares some functions such as an helper to define a View mode.

For the moment, no admin UI is provided to MakeUp Line. Settings are in defined in an array saved as a makeup Drupal variable. Easy to define, and easy to override.

MakeUpSome documentation is already on D.O. and in the module package. More will come soon here.