Homeworking from MacMini to PC through VNC and more

Mac Mini

  • VNC Server: Beware of keyboard behavior
  • Apache: Allow IP address for each vhost

PC with no admin rights

  • VNC Client: The harder is to type the correct password :-(, then limit to what you can’t do otherwise. Mostly a problem if your installation rights are limited on the Windows machine…
  • HostAdmin for Firefox: If you can’t modify (or don’t want to) your /etc/hosts file. Usually does not demand admin role on the machine.
  • Mount your distant file systems and edit your code directly from your preferred editor.
  • mRemoteNG: A powerful terminal tool on Windows.
  • Command.exe: You need this to run a ipconfig command that will return the IP Address of the machine. Mandatory if dhcp is used and no static address is provided to your PC machine on the company network.